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Hello Totels...

On this page there will eventually be links to other web pages from Totel family members, information about the family, a list of email addresses for Totels around the world, and (time and server space permitting) some sort of online photo album.

Family: email me if you are interested and I can set up an email account with "" for you. You keep your current email address, and any email from your email address would be forwarded to your current mailbox. This has the advantage of being your email address for life: when you change ISP's, just let me know, and I can have your mail re-directed to the new account.

Also, email me if you have a web site of your own you would like me to link to from here, and if you would like your email address included in a future directory of Totels.


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Yes, I do have a myspace. No, I'm not a pervert or a lonely old man...

Myspace is a nice way to keep up with friends...

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