Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Cooking for Engineers !!

(Please forgive the gratuitous second posting within one hour, but this was too good to pass up!)

I don't know how I never found this before... being that I've searched the Internet long and hard for all things nerdy and many things yummy, but I just stumbled across this while waiting for my ribeye sandwich to warm up:

Cooking for Engineers Dot Com.

While I'm certainly no engineer, my father did leave me an engineer's genes (funny, I first typed "engineers jeans" which, of course, imparts a whole new and strange meaning to the phrase.) My engineer's genes explain my uncontrollable desire to dismantle and rewire all things plug-in-able; the end result in my case generally being a non-working thing that was previously working just fine -- but I digress.

I knew I was hooked on the Cooking for Engineers site when the first article I read (a wonderfully cerebral explanation of heat transfer as it relates to steaks) included the phrase, "Remember, the heat capacities are listed in terms of mass, not volume. It would take roughly 1000 times the volume of gas (temperature dependent) to have the same mass as water or oil." and when the author's bio was, "Burr Zimmerman has 11 years of (amateur) cooking experience, 9 years of chemical engineering experience, and 7 of trying to combine them."

This is a website you have got to check out.

Now, back to my ribeye (since it's been the appropriate amount of time for the optimal temperature gradient to be reached between the charred, yummy outside and the pink, yummy inside.)


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