Thursday, May 17, 2007

What's on the grill?

My little brother had an ongoing blog running called, "What's for dinner?" I think I'm going to steal from his idea somewhat and start occasionally posting "What's on the Grill?" posts here. Keep in mind that little brother is a trained chef, and I'm just a fat surly guy who likes the taste of cooked flesh. Don't expect much.

For our first installment, we simply have good ole' American cheeseburgers with what I call "Mike & Zoe's Damn Good Grilled Asparagus."

The burgers were a simple concoction of sirloin ('cause I can afford that sort of thing) Italian sausage, an egg, some bread crumbs, and whatever spices caught my eye as I twirled the spice rack in circles. My lovely wife prepared the asparagus for grilling, trying with all her might to match the wonderful taste of "Mike & Zoe's Damn Good Grilled Asparagus." Tarragon, olive oil, and kosher salt brought the final result as close to Mike's as we've been able to recreate thus far... and it's the only way the kids will touch asparagus ... they begged for more when it was all gone.


Blogger Mike said...

I never realized you did so much to your burgers. Very Nice...

So, I will post again..."When do I get a dinner invite?!?"

4:16 PM  

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