Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Goodbye to (Another) Loudmouth Feminist

Oh, Darn! Rosie couldn't come to terms on her contract and she'll be off that stupid show, The View. Realistically, I know we haven't heard the last of this wench... the craziest ones never completely go away.

I must admit to some mixed feelings on this one. One the one hand, as soon as Rosie started spouting her 9-11 conspiracy BS all over the TV, it helped to shed a little light on the wackos on the left and what they are all really about. Sometimes I think it's best just to let these nutbags ramble on: they always end up hanging themselves in the end. Rush (The fat Republican, not Geddy Lee's band) once said that we should never get rid of all the liberals, we need to keep a few around to remind us of just how dangerous they really are... Rosie is one of those.

On the other hand: I've also recently become keenly aware of the dangers of keeping a fat, worthless, loudmouth slug around any longer than completely necessary. Even the dumbest loudmouth can influence people who are too weak to stand up for themselves. Getting rid of the rotten eggs is always best for the other eleven eggs in the carton.

See ya, Rosie!


Anonymous Chris said...

Love your blog... LOL

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