Thursday, April 24, 2008

Gardening 101...err... I mean, Gardening 901

(First, let me issue a quick disclaimer: I greatly love and admire the two people I am about to poke fun at. But I can't help myself.)

First let me introduce my brother-in-law, Dave. Dave is a super-duper guy, and apparently has a double-sided, double-density brain, because he fits more "stuff" in between his ears than anyone I know. Dave graduated from AFIT. AFIT is where the Air Force sends all their nutty professor types. I took a class at AFIT a few years ago. I generally consider myself a relatively intelligent human being, but sitting in that classroom the first day I might as well have been a caveman in a particle physics class.

The other day while over at Dave's house for one of many cult-like Catholic celebrations we've been attending lately, Dave mentioned he had started a vegetable garden. It was a nice looking box garden, and I wish I would have snagged a picture to show you; but trust me, it was an OK garden by any measure. A short time later, while eating some cake and drinking all Dave's beer, someone (I think it was Scott)noticed a little packet of graph paper on the dining room table. I wasn't paying much attention until Scott, after leafing through the four or five page document, exclaimed, "These are plans for his GARDEN!" Now I don't know how many of you have gardens, or how much work you've put into them... but I'd be willing to wager that NONE of you has ever planned a garden like this. There were diagrams, formulas, charts, and a strange alpha cipher that when finally decoded seemed to indicate plant placement within the gardendown to the quarter inch!

I quickly grabbed my iPhone and began snapping pictures of the precious diagrams like Sandy Berger in the National Archives. I knew that no one would believe it if I described it, so here you go:

Who puts that kind of thought and planning into a garden? Certainly no one else I know, right?


Introducing really smart friend number two, Mike. As I went home and started jotting down my initial thoughts on this blog, I got sidetracked and pulled up Google Reader to see what blogs I needed to catch up on. I found this.

Hanging out with the Garden Professors is enough to make me feel like an inferior farmer. Oh well, time to get to tending MY garden:


Blogger Mike said...

I love it! Although, you know you are now going to have to grow something!

4:10 PM  

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