Thursday, July 27, 2006

Punk is Still Punk

Well, I've been hitting a few of the local music venues again lately, something I haven't done for years. I'm having great fun, getting somewhat of a kick out of the looks I get for being the "old" guy in the place, and hearing some really cool bands.

A couple observations on the change in the "scene" since I was last in the habit of hanging out there... the hippies have all turned into something called "indie kids" and the goth kids have apparently all turned into "emo kids." I was aware of emo's and indies before I started hitting the music clubs again, but I didn't realize exactly how much they were just like the goth kids and hippie kids from when I was younger. That's really the only change I noted... the vernacular. Other than that, music is still music. Nothing under the sun is new, apparently...

Punk is still punk, though. Thankfully, no one has found a new name for punk rock. Sitting and watching a couple punk bands last week, I could have easily thought I had flashed back to a husker du or social distortion gig in 1985.

Final thought ... the best music is still played on a cramped stage in a small club by kids with real heart, many of who are marked by the black sharpie "X" on their hands indicating that they aren't old enough to drink a beer yet.


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