Sunday, August 29, 2004

It's Convention Time!

Well, our convention has kicked off... Carl is in NYC as a delegate; be sure to watch for him on TV. I think this is going to be a good, energetic, positive convention for us; unlike the train wreck the Demoncrats put on. I've got the TiVo set to record every minute that's going to be aired so hopefully I won't miss a thing.

Here's a link to the GOP Convention Website where you can check the schedule, follow the President on his way to the acceptance on Thursday, check out pictures, videos and other cool content.

It's not too late to host a Party for the Presidentand have a bunch of friends over to watch the President accept the nomination on Thursday!

Finally, I have not harped on this too much in the past, but it IS important. This would be a real good time to open up your checkbook and make a donation to the campaign for whatever amount you can afford.

Am I registered to vote?

While checking the logs this morning I noticed someone found us by doing a google search for "am I registered to vote montgomery county Ohio."

Click here to find out!

Follow the link above to go to the Montgomery County Board of Elections website where you can check right online to see if you are registered or not. If not, go to one of these places and register to vote. Remeber, if you've moved since you registered, you need to re-register!

Also, while working at the Victory Center last week I fielded a lot of questions about how to obtain an absentee ballot. Here is a link to the online absentee ballot form from the Montgomery County Ohio Board of Elections.

In Ohio, you have to be registered thirty days prior to the election you want to vote in ... only 65 days left until the election, so don't put it off! Hassle your friends to register, too. I managed to get two people registered this morning at a luau after work. (don't ask...)

Friday, August 27, 2004

Treat yourself

Ok ... you are a loyal supporter of the President, right? You've been doing your best to spread the word and to make sure that the President wins Montgomery County on November 2nd, right? You may have even done some volunteering down at the Victory Center or phone bank. You deserve a special treat for yourself, don't you?

My friend at Hanley House Medical Massage is generously offering to extend the special discount she normally offers only to police, fire, and EMS personnel to all Bush/Cheney Volunteers or any registered Republican who's a supporter of the President! She's got world class credentials and a office custom designed to make your massage experience better than you could ever hope for. High class, medical massage ... not the kind of seedy joint you'd find a democrat in.

Trust me, it's a deal you can't pass up; give her site a visit by clicking the link below and call to schedule an appointment today.

Click here for Hanley House Medical Massage

Thursday, August 26, 2004

We're gonna win this one...

I can feel a win coming on.

I spent all day today volunteering at the Victory Center, passing out tickets for President Bush's visit to Troy on Saturday, and working alongside like minded people. It was a lot of fun, and more importantly, I got to see the number of people we have who are interested in volunteering and in helping with this campaign. Many people came through the door not even wanting a ticket for Saturday, just wanting to know what they could do to help the campaign. Most of them said they would do "anything" we needed: walking door to door, making phone calls, working in the Victory Center or downtown at GOP HQ... and they all talked about how important this election is. One lady who I'll remember a long time came in for her tickets and was so giddy about getting to see the President that she was almost in tears.

It's easy to get a bit discouraged when you read the DDN every day and watch the lies in the Kerry commercials or even on the evening news. Go volunteer to spend some time with right thinking people, working alongside each other for the cause, and you'll feel much better: I know I do.

We're gonna win this one.

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Not today...

Sorry, I'm too tired today to come up with much.
I'm tired from being up all night and sore from soccer practice.

I'm thinking about a new bumper sticker or sign that says something like, "John Kerry is either a war criminal or a liar... pick one." Good sign for the next time scaryKerry's in town, I think.

When yer tired and sore I'd recommend trying a nice massage from Hanley House Massage. Can't beat it. (Really, that's not some sort of crass commercialization of my blog ... they didn't tell me to say that, I mean it from my heart... best massages in town.)

I'm gonna get a nap. Do me a favor ... make Kerry go away while I'm gone, K?

Monday, August 23, 2004


John Kerry has done it to himself again...

Does the man know how to pick a battle that he might actually be able to WIN? Apparently not.

President Bush has again put Kerry on the ropes, almost as nicely as the President did when he forced ScaryKerry to admit that the war in Iraq was the right thing to do. This time, the President has told the nation that the President is against all 527's. The President has called for an end to all 527 "soft" money and has challenged ScaryKerry to do the same thing.

Of course, ScaryKerry comes out looking like the crybaby he is, only complaining about the 527's that oppose Kerry (read: "tell the truth") while gladly accepting any help he can get from the likes of Sorros and Michael Moore.

Hey JohnJohn: When Moore's licking your feet it isn't so much because he likes you as it is that he's trying to use you to fulfill his socialist fantasy. Truth be told, it's more likely that the slug Moore is tasting you to see if you would go down better with salt or butter...

Tired of Vietnam...

I’m not sure who originally said it, but it rings true: In public relations or politics, if you repeat something enough times, it becomes true.

This is increasingly apparent with the way Kerry’s band of misfits is responding to the swiftboat ads. Repeat over and over that the 250 swift boat vets who oppose Kerry’s grab towards the presidency are lying while the 13 who support Kerry are telling the truth, and sure enough, people will start to believe it.

Kerry’s latest ad turns the election debate at this point into little more than a high tech snowball fight:

You started it.
No, you did.
Nuh uh, you did.

Lets let the campaigns deal with the Vietnam issue … we need to stick to the issues most important to us in this election. For me, that continues to be the War on Terror and our National Security, followed by a reduction in the size of the federal government and continued relief from oppressive taxes. When you talk to someone about the election or the President, steer your conversation in the direction of those issues that are most important to you and explain why you think George W. Bush is the only candidate who can meet those needs.

As an aside, I’m all out of bumper stickers for a while … which is great: it means there are 100 bumper stickers out there driving around the Miami Valley that we’ve mailed out. I just ordered some more, but I’m not sure how long it’ll take them to come in.

Also, President Bush will be in Troy this Saturday. Bring the kids ... bring your signs, be there or be square.

Finally, I've been guest blogging over at Ohio for Bush a little bit. Head on over there and take a look; not to see more of my lousy writing, but to see the posts and information from the other, more talented bloggers there.

Friday, August 20, 2004

It's the issues, stupid

If one were to watch ScaryKerry speak the last few weeks, you would think that this election were being held in 1970. Kerry is more worried about the swiftboat vets exposing the truth about John Kerry: that he is a traitor, a coward, and a liar -- than he is about campaigning on the issues that we all need to face today. Now Kerry files an FEC complaint against the swiftboat vets to try to silence their freedom of speech.

As I've said before, there is ONE issue in this election: The war we are currently engaged in with islamofascisits. Who is most fit to wage that war? President Bush, with three years of steadfast, solid wartime leadership to run on? Or John Kerry, with a lifetime of turning on the military he himself served in, flip flopping on issues of national security, and trying to hide from his own abysmal record as a U.S. Senator?

The answer is clear to me. Soldiers like CB are fighting over there today so that my sons won't have to fight the islamofascist scum over here tomorrow.

When pressed, Kerry had to admit that President Bush did the right thing by liberating Iraq. Kerry can't campaign on the issues of this war because his record is so twisted in it's own flip flops ... he has to try to campaign on the issues from a war thirty years old. The funny thing is that when his record regarding that war is examined, it doesn't stand up, either.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Kerry's Intelligence

No, no, no ... you thought I was going to make fun of ScaryKerry's intelligence, didn't you? Actually, I'm more concerned with the way he treats the intelligence services of our nation.

It wasn't long after the September 11 Commission report came out that Kerry was trying to make some political hay out of it, with quips like this:

"If the president had a sense of urgency about this director of intelligence and about the needs to strengthen America, he would call the Congress back and get the job done now.... The time to act is now, not later,"

The more this campaign goes on, the more I think that the "people in glass houses" proverb was probably written specifically about Kerry. Flip on some of the Government Affairs and Intelligence Committee meeting today, which was convened to discuss the very recommendations Kerry was talking about in his quote above and you will notice a conspicuous absence. That's right... Kerry's not there.

  • Kerry missed 76% of the Senate Intelligence Committee's meetings!

  • Kerry missed every single vote in the committee in the year following September 11, 2001.

One question: If you missed 76% of the meetings you were supposed to be at last year in your job, would you be getting a promotion? But Kerry has the stones to ask the American people for a promotion after he takes our national security so lightly.

Now, just to be fair to all you people who were hoping I was going to make fun of Kerry's intelligence: Kerry's a dunce.

Feel better, now?

Also, a quick apology for the sparse postings the last week or so. Part of it is due to problems with the blogger system, part of it due to me being extra busy the last week or so, but mostly simply due to bloggers block... I'll try to keep up.

Meanwhile, get out there and volunteer! If you're on the list I know you've gotten the notices and invitations ... so get off your backside and do something already!

Friday, August 06, 2004

The Lefties are Coming! and Swifboat Vets...

If it wasn't bad enough that ACT is sending felons to knock on our doors, now the Demoncrats are busing in out of towner's to harass us and try to register as many democRAT voters as they can. What is it with libs and busing? When I was a kid they wanted to bus me across town to some run down crappy school, and now they want to bus in a bunch of losers from out of state...

Apparently the JohnJohn team knows that there is no way they are going to win Indiana, so they've decided to stop throwing good money after bad there. (Remember, as I've said, there's no such thing as a dumb farmer.) The problem is, though, that apparently they have a few volunteers in Indianaland who now have nothing to do... so they're packing them on a bus and bringing them to Dayton this weekend.

That's right, there's a chance you could be interrupted from your weekend with your family by some imported leftist knocking on your door.

My solution is to make sure I'm not home, I'll be out with the good guys all day and working for Dubya. Hopefully you'll do the same.

Volunteer ... cause you know the lefties are.

Also, I heard on Boortz this morning that WDTN had caved to the threatening letter sent out by the Scary Kerry campaign, and that WDTN was going to refuse to air the Swiftboat Veterans for the Truth ad. If you aren't familiar with the ad or with the letter, google it or click the links above.

Anyway, I contacted Jason Heath at WDTN to inform him of my displeasure at having a news station filter what information gets to me, and he replied and assured me that WDTN will be running the Swiftboat ads. Either they changed their position, or Boortz had some bad info. Either way, good for WDTN and hopefully we'll all get to see the ads on TV soon.

Thursday, August 05, 2004

Bug me not ... and bumper stickers

I found the below site this morning while surfing for some news to comment on here... I was so excited about the site, that I decided ya'll can read the news for yourself -- this is pretty cool.

For anyone who absolutely hates having to register with a newspaper site to read their drivel, check out Bug me not dot com a very cool site where you can punch in the web address of a news site that requires registration and be provided with a username/password combo to get access. Sure beats letting the N.Y. Times have your email address, if you ask me.

Also, I have some more bumper stickers in, just sign up here and provide your mailing address and a request for a sticker in the comments box, or email me and I'll get them out. Free while supplies last, no animals were harmed in the making of these stickers, not made with child labor, etc etc etc.

Sunday, August 01, 2004

Preemptive War

I'm hearing more and more (or should that be Moore and Moore?) the last week or so about the "Bush Administration's policy of preemptive war." Balderdash!

The importance of controlling the vocabulary or linguistic wrangling of an argument in the public arena has been demonstrated time and time again. If you control the language of the debate, you control the debate. Listen to the tone the leftists use when they talk about President Bush's "preemptive wars." Is a preemptive strike a bad thing? Hardly. Can a strike be preemptive and still be the perfectly just and reasonable thing to do? Absolutely. But they do everything they can to make "preemptive" equal to "unjustified."

Let's pretend that I'm walking the street tomorrow and I run across you on the sidewalk. For some reason, you've decided you dislike me immensely (You have a pet peeve for bad blogging or something) and that you want to fight me. You block my path, blade you body to me, curl your fists, and begin to drop that right shoulder down to throw the most incredibly telegraphed punch of all time, the classic roundhouse. What would I do? I'd hit you one time ... fast and hard... before you could hit me. To do anything else would be completely stupid on my part.

The same applies to our current foreign policy debate. The Klinton administration was not preemptive at all when it came to terrorism ... and we got a big black eye from four planes and nine dirty arabs. President Bush made it clear in the months following the attack on our country on September 11, 2001 that we are now living in a different world, regulated by different rules. With us or against us. President Bush told us that the times ahead of us would be hard, but that we would not, must not, falter. President Bush promised that we would take the fight to the terrorists, and we've done that. When you hear someone from the left trying to bend this debate their way; or when you hear someone buying into it, take the time to engage them in a conversation and set the record straight.

Did Iraq draw first blood this time around? Perhaps not. But to stand around and wait for that big telegraphed roundhouse punch would have been asinine.

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