Thursday, June 24, 2004

American Felons Coming Together; and Kerry's Ethics

If you keep up with my little corner of the world here, you undoubtedly have read my comments about the ACT sluggards who keep patrolling my neighborhood looking for Democrats to register. I knew there was something extra shady about those annoying dullards: some of them here in Ohio are paroled felons! They don't have a right to vote, but they will harass us at dinnertime to try to get us to vote their welfare-state candidates in to office! Complete article at Yahoo! News

Also an interesting story, but one I've not seen in the news: apparently Kerry is up on ethics charges in the Senate because he has missed so much time there where he is supposed to be serving his constituents. He and the Senate secretary, Emily Reynolds, apparently refused to have payroll deductions made from his Senate paycheck as required by law. Story at: Talon News

Finally, I hate to even mention it, but I saw that escaped mental patient Algore on TV today giving his speech. They played a clip of Algore calling President Bush a "blatant liar" for trying to imply links between Al Queda and Iraq. The very next news story? "Al Queda linked terrorists claim responsibility for todays bombings in Iraq." Algore is unraveling like Dean, but is on a slow burn rather than the violent implosion we saw with Dean.

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

What we Need to Do:

This election depends on what us, as Republicans, are willing to do in order to see to it that President Bush is re-elected. Too many of my fellow Republicans are blaming "the left wing media" or "the apathy of American's in general" for any problems we've seen in the polls the last few months.

The media is liberal: Slowly but surely we are making inroads, but there's nothing we can do to control it or change it before November. Many American's have lost touch with the fact that we are in a war. Partly because of the media problems but mostly because we have let them.

If we want to win this election, and I believe we do, there are a few things we need to do better and we need to start doing now:

  • Volunteer:I know, I know -- unlike the lefty rent-a-mob crowd, we all have jobs, families, and lives to lead; however, those very things that make up our "busy lives" are the reasons we need to make time to be active in the campaign.
  • Talk it up:Unlike the wacko leftists, conservatives and Republicans as a rule are a much less boisterous crowd. Get out of your shells! We need to be talking politics and election to everyone who will listen. At work, at lunch, friends, families, message boards, wherever. I know people with wonderfully conservative ideals and magnificent ideas who will sit idly by and listen to liberal garbage and lies. If we don't take a cue from our friends on the left, we will fail miserably in this regard. The Protest Warrior people have exactly the right idea ... we could all learn from them.
  • Get those signs and stickers up! I don't generally like sticking bumper stickers on the wife's mini van, either... but it's not the end of the world. Stick it on the window and it will peel off easily after the election if you want, but get those stickers on there! Yard signs, too. In Dayton, the rule is that the signs can't be posted more than 60 days before the election: your municipality may vary. Get signs and bumper stickers from the Montgomery County GOP Office downtown or order them online. People have got to see that President Bush has our support!
  • Write letters to the editor: It only takes a second, and your chances of getting published are actually pretty good. The time to do it is now, because that awful campaign finance reform law means most papers won't print political letters in the final weeks of the election.

It comes down to this: If you are embarrassed to talk politics, to engage in public debate, or to show your colors, you are putting this election at risk.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Clinton's Portrait

I've heard quite a bit of uproar from some of my fellow conservatives regarding President Bush's remarks about Clinton during the Clinton and Clinton picture dedication. In particular, I heard Michael Savage on the radio going a bit nuts. A bit of perspective:

President Bush really didn't say anything all that nice about Clinton. Anyone with even a minor grasp of the English language should be able to realize that President Bush didn't really say anything at all!

Robert Thornton wrote a delightful booklet called Lexicon of Intentionally Ambiguous Recommendations, containing such gems as these:

"He has made immeasurable contributions to our firm"
"She takes a lot of enjoyment out of her work."
"I am pleased to say that this candidate is a former colleague of mine."

Now were all educated conservatives here, right? I'm sure we can all agree that those three statements above really don't say a darn thing, do they? But ... they sound good to the average dullard.

Now, from President Bush' Speech:

"The years have done a lot to clarify the strengths of this man."
"He filled this house with energy and joy."
"And meeting those expectations took more than charm and intellect -- it took hard work and drive and determination and optimism."

Does President Bush say that Clinton was a moral man? A good example for youth? A successful president? Nope. President Bush did what a president has to do ... he was congenial and diplomatic to a guest in the White House; and I remember Clinton acting similarly congenial to Senator Bob Dole about a year after Sen. Dole lost his bid for the White House. President Bush did not; however, "sing the praises" of Clinton or "lay it on thick." To the contrary: President Bush hardly said anything about Clinton at all.

BTW, nice pant suit, Hillary.

Sunday, June 13, 2004

President Bush (still) Needs YOUR eMail Address!

(Yes, this is a repeat message, but looking at the logs, it would appear we are getting some new visitors, so I'll replay this message every few weeks until the election or until we reach our goal.)

The Ohio eCampaign has given me a goal of 2,516 eMail addresses to collect for the campaign. Counting all my closest friends, that leaves me with only 2,513 to go! I don't have many friends left, so I'm going to need a little help here.

Submit your email address to me via this nifty form and I promise to use only as directed. (Which means I won't give it, sell it, or otherwise betray it away. You'll get a few (very few) eMails from me, but for the most part I believe that if you want to hear from me, you can come here and read... you don't need me jamming up your inbox. I will, of course, pass the addresses on to the Ohio eCampaign, unless you request otherwise.


eMail Address


Saturday, June 12, 2004

Meeting to attend:

First off, I apologize for not keeping as updated as I should have this week, and I missed an opportunity to post a campaign event announcement here that was scheduled for this morning, but I'm told that about 200 people showed up, which is great! I was out of town and dealing with a sub-standard internet connection, so I really couldn't get my mail or post here very easily.

Finally, here is a meeting announcement for the Miami Valley Conservative Alliance (there is a link on the right side.) They're a good bunch of Miami Valley Conservatives, and this sounds like an interesting meeting. Plus, it's at the Amber Rose, one of my favorite restaurants. I'm planning on going, email me if you want to go.

Townhall/MVCA Meeting
Tuesday June 15, 2004 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Event Location: Elinor's Amber Rose
Street: Valley Street
City, State, Zip: Dayton, Ohio

Notes: Conservative candidate and Wright State University Professor Martin Arbagi will speak about his election, the Republican Party and the future of a grassroots conservative effort in the Miami Valley. Professor Arbagi is a professor of Roman, Medieval Western and Eastern Europe, Near East and Greek History. He received his BA at Georgetown and his PhD at Rutgers/ New Brunswick.

Monday, June 07, 2004

President Reagan

President Reagan has left our shining city on a hill to go on to an even shinier city. The greatest of the cold warriors, we have him to thank for the freedoms we all enjoy today. Millions of people the world over, particularly in Eastern Europe, enjoy freedom today because of President Reagan's legacy. Rush said today that they should all be listed as survivors in President Regan's obituary.

President Reagan stood up and declared what was right and drew a hard line in the sand. He declared war on the Evil Empire when democrats, liberals, and appeasers, wanted to ignore or befriend the murderous monster from the east. President Reagan was a moral man and had no qualms about speaking of God and the need for God in our great country. Always gracious, always good natured, but always serious and ready to get the job done when a problem presented itself. The left hated President Reagan for all he stood for, he wasn't smart enough or experienced enough to be President. Sound familiar?

One of my most treasured material possessions is a signed note from President Reagan I received when I became an Eagle Scout. I might not even be a Republican today if it wasn't for the impact President Reagan had on me as a young man in high school. I remember editorial comments on TV and in the papers about President Reagan's "staged" press conferences and speeches: the flags waving in the foreground, the backdrops of great American landmarks as he spoke ... but those things all had an impact on me. I saw a strong leader with a clear vision.

I suppose that is why I am such a strong supporter of President Bush. President Bush is the first president since Ronald Reagan to stir those same feelings in me. President Bush has declared war on terror, in spite of calls from the left for appeasement and negotiation. I remember the threat of the cold war and growing up under the fear that a nuke at Wright Patt would vaporize me one day while I was at school; however, I honestly believe that as important as it was for us to win that cold war, the threat posed by Islamic fundamentalism and radicalism is even more serious to our freedoms and our way of life. You see, while communism had no god and no emotional rallying cry for their cause, the radical Islamic movement is able to stir their people to action by invoking the name of Allah. People with a cause will fight much more fiercely than those without. Just as President Reagan knew that he had been placed in a special place at a special time for a certain purpose, President Bush knows he has a specific mission – more important than any of the other issues of the day: To defeat terrorism and beat radical Islam back to the desert it crawled out of.

Thank you for your vision and your legacy, President Reagan. God Bless you.

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Don't just sit there and blog ... DO SOMETHING

We can talk and write all we want.
You and I can go on all day agreeing with each other and still not accomplish anything for the campaign or to help re-elect President Bush.
So click this....

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