Monday, May 31, 2004

Memorial Day

In the last 228 years over one million Americans have died so that you can have your cookout today and so you can take a day off work. It's not just the day the pool opens, this day has been marked in American blood.

Sixty years ago Americans stormed the beaches of Normandy to free people we didn't know from tyranny. During that war an average of 112,500 American GI's died every year. One veteran from that war made an impact in my life that no one has surpassed except for my own parents. Thank you Tom Whitten.

Today we have soldiers in harm's way again, fighting in forsaken deserts in Iraq and Afghanistan to bring freedom to people they don't know. My cousin just returned safely from Iraq; thank you, Stephen. While we are happy he's back home, we also think of the ones who didn't make it home.

There have been other wars, too. Thanks to the guys who beat communism back to the hole it came out of in places like Korea and Vietnam: we might all be spending rubles if it wasn't for you. And thanks also to the guys who fought and died in the battles we'll never hear about; the secret battles in jungles and deserts far and wide. We don't need to know the details to know that we owe you our freedom.

They all went "over there" to fight, so that we wouldn't have to fight here at home.

Thank you also to every soldier, Marine, airman or sailor I've ever know. Dave, Randy, Chief Dickey, Bill, Chuck, Gavin, Jon, Brad, Jack, and others. Not all of you were in combat, but there's a saying I like: "What's important is not what we paid you to do; it's what we paid you to be ready to do."

Don't let this be the only day you say "thanks." Don't let this be the only day you take the kids to the VA Cemetery.

Friday, May 28, 2004

The Press Lies

More than simply "leaning left" or having a "left wing bias" we are learning more and more that mainstream media figures lie and do everything they can to obfuscate the truth when it comes to pushing their socialist, anti-American, Bush hating agenda down the throats of the American people.

Ann Coulter can express this better than I ever could, so I'll let you read her column titled "Tit fo Tet" here.

A DNC official has said that Abu Ghraib will be their keys to the White House, and apparently their friends in the media are the locksmiths. James Taranto's article, "The Press Corps' Porn Addiction" exposes this nicely.

This is what we are up against: a news media pushing a far left agenda, and a public with a short memory that is just barely paying attention to the facts. Combined, those things make our campaign a hard one, but not an un-winnable one. We have to to a better job of reaching our neighbors, co-workers, friends, and family with the truth.

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Symbolism Over Substance

I had a principal in high school who taught me the meaning of the phrase, "symbolism over substance." Symbolism over substance is going to church on Sunday, chanting the appropriate responses like a robot, then racing to break as many commandments as you can before the next Sunday rolls around. It's walking around the office with a file folder in your hand telling anyone who will listen how busy you are -- without actually accomplishing any work. It's a program to help the poor that is more concerned with making the program organizers feel "fulfilled" and look "compassionate" than it is with actually doing anything that really helps the poor.

It is John Kerry and the Democratic Party as a whole.

Jennifer Graham expresses this perfectly in her May 24 Column.

  • President Bush has proved himself a man of action, John Kerry has shown himself to be a man of talking in circles.

  • President Bush has done everything a president can to fix a ruined Clinton economy, while democrats try to talk the economy down and try to make us nervous.

  • President Bush has gone after the terrorists where they live, rather than waiting for them to come here, where we live. John Kerry and his DNC friends would rather appease our enemies than do what is necessary to protect our children.

  • Democrats talk “diversity” and “equality” while parading their tokens to those concepts around as “proof.” President Bush actually puts those concepts into action and appoints the best people into the right positions: black, white, hispanic, asian ... whatever. He doesn't have to talk about equality, he lives it.

  • John Kerry works to avoid the impression that he is a kept man, living off a combination of the public purse and his wife's purse. President Bush doesn't talk to us about working, he actually works: In the White House or on his ranch, he gets the job done.

I give you your choice: A man of substance or a man of symbolism.

Friday, May 21, 2004

These are the people who support Kerry:

A couple random musings based on my day today...

I heard an interesting story on the news this morning. Apparently some alliance of owners of "adult entertainment establishments" in the Dayton area has been formed to try to defeat President Bush and elect democrats to state, local, and federal office. If you've been paying attention to the local news the last year or so, you'll undoubtedly remember the numerous stories of prostitution arrests, drug arrests, and the discovery of sixteen year old "dancers" at several of these establishments in Dayton. I sometimes wonder exactly who these Kerry supporters are... now I know. Some of them, at least, make their money exploiting sixteen to eighteen year old girls for the pleasure of dirty old men while also selling a little coke on the side.

Secondly, my doorbell rang an hour or so ago. I looked out and saw a man in a t-shirt with some sort of American Flag logo on it. I opened the door and stepped outside and immediately noted that the logo was an A.C.T. logo. Let the games begin. The man asks for me by name and, as he looks at the PDA on his clipboard, tells me that he has me down as a registered voter. "Registered Republican," I say. Already flustered, he juts a folded up piece of paper at me and says he's conducting a non-partisan survey for A.C.T. and would I mind answering. "Give it your best shot." He asks which two issues are most important to me: unemployment, the economy, healthcare, social security, education, or outsourcing. "Uhh ... what other choices do I have?" He says he will also ask me if I'm for or against the war in Iraq. "For. Can you give me the choices for the issues again, please?" Same tired old list, as he refuses to make any semblance of eye contact and taps away on his PDA. "What about national security, terrorism or high taxes?" They aren't on his list, he says, as he motions to his PDA. "Can you write in 'Terrorism' and 'National Security' for me?" No, he can't do that, would I like to hear my choices again. "I don't particularly think any of those things are the business of the government." He asks if I'm concerned about unemployment. "Not really, I've got a job, and the only person I know of working age who doesn't have a full time job doesn't want one right now." He tells me he's unemployed. "You look tired. How long have you been at this today?" All day, he says. "Try job hunting." At that, I closed the door and went inside.

Oh, and by the way. His "non-partisan handout? It blames President Bush and Governor Taft for a bad economy. Do these people watch the news, or do they just attend protests and knock on doors? President Bush's tax cuts have fixed the Clinton Economy.

Kerry Supporters: Is this the best you have to offer? Perverts and Sluggards?

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

A Marine Sees What Defeatists Don't

So... who you gonna believe? Ted Kennedy and his chum John Kerry sitting safely stateside using our troops in combat as unwilling political propaganda? Or a U.S. Marine who's done more than his share to make sure you are free to read this? That's what I thought...

From USA Today, May 18, 2004:

By Ben Connable

RAMADI, Iraq - This is my third deployment with the 1st Marine Division to the Middle East. This is the third time I've heard the quavering cries of the talking heads predicting failure and calling for withdrawal.

This is the third time I find myself shaking my head in disbelief.

Setbacks and tragedy are part and parcel of war and must be accepted on the battlefield. We can and will achieve our goals in Iraq.

Waiting for war in the Saudi Arabian desert as a young corporal in 1991, I recall reading news clippings portending massive tank battles, fiery death from Saddam Hussein's "flame trenches" and bitter defeat at the hands of the fourth-largest army in the world. My platoon was told to expect 75% casualties. Being Marines and, therefore, naturally cocky, we still felt pretty good about our abilities.

The panicky predictions failed to come true. The flame trenches sputtered. Nobody from my platoon died. Strength, ingenuity and willpower won the day. Crushing the fourth-largest army in the world in four days seemed to crush the doubts back home.

Continue reading this article on, it's well worth the read.

Monday, May 17, 2004


It seems I forgot one yesterday.
There are and were Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq.

Sarin, Mustard Gas Discovered Separately in Iraq

Monday, May 17, 2004

BAGHDAD, Iraq — A roadside bomb containing sarin nerve agent recently exploded near a U.S. military convoy, the U.S. military said Monday.

Bush administration officials told Fox News that mustard gas was also recently discovered.

Two people were treated for "minor exposure" after the sarin incident but no serious injuries were reported. Soldiers transporting the shell for inspection suffered symptoms consistent with low-level chemical exposure, which is what led to the discovery, a U.S. official told Fox News.

Full Story

Now, why all the fuss about "WMD?" The weapons were there. We know that. We've found evidence of that. We know where they probably went ... but yet some people are still swayed by the left's rallying cry of "No WMD!" Don't let them get away with it. When you hear someone parroting that garbage: correct them, debate them, convince them.


Sunday, May 16, 2004

Long day ...

This will be short, 'cause I spent all day over at the Hamvention and I'm about shagged out. I sat selling off some of my old computers to get my wife out of my hair (Well, off my scalp, but that's another story) and I realized one thing as I spoke to people... these people appeared to be, for the most part, Bush supporters. My bumper stickers and GOP shirt managed to strike up more than one conversation, and all of them were positive. Not a single Bush hater or Kerry supporter made his presence known to me, although I'm sure there must have been at least one or two there out of the crowd of 10,000 or so. Most were very enthusiastic about Bush, and more importantly, they knew the truth about the War in Iraq and the state of things in general:

  • Iraq is part of the War on Terror

  • Al Queda and Iraq were and are connected

  • President Bush is successfully fixing the ruined Clinton economy

  • Terrorists and their supporters deserve to die.

  • And most importantly, to me at least, Those soldiers are fighting over there today, so that my sons won't have to fight here tomorrow.

Keep in mind, these are HAM Radio operators. Smart People. Working People. Educated people. So smart for the most part that they've picked a hobby that requires more brain power in their "free time" than most of us use at work. They work for telephone companies, Internet companies, power companies, cell phone companies, satellite communications companies, they design cars and rocket engines, and all sorts of neat things ... they are the people that make the country "go" so to speak. They aren't academic elites, media types, or professional protesters. they are smart, they are hard working, and they overwhelmingly support Bush.

New website idea for me to think about ... "Smart People for Bush."

Saturday, May 15, 2004

President Bush Needs YOUR eMail Address!

The Ohio eCampaign has given me a goal of 2,516 eMail addresses to collect for the campaign. Counting all my closest friends, that leaves me with only 2,513 to go! I don't have many friends left, so I'm going to need a little help here.

Submit your email address to me via this nifty form and I promise to use only as directed. (Which means I won't give it, sell it, or otherwise betray it away. You'll get a few (very few) eMails from me, but for the most part I believe that if you want to hear from me, you can come here and read... you don't need me jamming up your inbox. I will, of course, pass the addresses on to the Ohio eCampaign, unless you request otherwise.


eMail Address


Friday, May 14, 2004

Join Ohioans for Bush/Cheney!

Ok boys and girls, here is the first in what I'm sure will be a long line of favors for me to ask ... There is a Yahoo! group out there called "OhioansforBushCheney." It's, um, a group of ... Ohioans who are ... for Bush and ... Cheney . (But then you are all smart conservatives who figured that out ... I'm not talking to Kerry voters here, am I?)

Anyhoooo ... here is where you can go to sign up:

Click here to sign up.

If you already have a Yahoo! Groups account it's simple. If you don't already have a Yahoo! Groups account, it's still simple, just a little less so... Also, if you are worried about getting tons of mail from a high ping mail list ... don't. This is a low volume list that generates one or two messages in your mailbox a day, on average. If that is still too much for you, you can always go into the Yahoo! account options and set your membership to that group up in such a way that you won't receive emails, but you can log on to the groups site and read messages online that way. When you join up send out an introductory message to the group and while yer at it, tell 'um Eric sent ya.

C'mon. Everybody's doin' it.

Here we are!

Here is the blog site for the Montgomery County, Ohio Bush/Cheney '04 eCampaign!

This site will be used for keeping in touch on current campaign events, as well as for collecting email addresses for the Bush/Cheney Campaign! We need your email address in order to keep in touch with you and spread the word that President George W. Bush is the only logical choice for President in the 2004 election!

In the coming days, I'll be posting some links as well as a form or other mechanism to allow you to submit your name & email address to be included in the list of Ohioans and Montgomery County residents who support President Bush and want to be kept up to date on the campaign.

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