Monday, November 01, 2004

Kerry's Record?

Eric's blogging has been light lately because he has been heeding his own advice...Volunteering! I believe that he has talked about this before. Anyways, before E-Day rolls around, I want to personally thank Eric for the many hours that he has put forth in working to re-elect President Bush and for the work on the MCOfB blog. As Eric told President Bush last week...yes, that was Eric greeting the President at the steps of Air Force One last Thursday..."Mr. President, we do not just want you re-elected, we need you re-elected." I believe that we all feel the same way...

Anyways, the only reason Eric wanted me to blog was to talk about Kerry...not Eric, I apologize...

I am sure that many of you have been following the story surrounding Kerry's military record. This morning, there are a few items that are beginning to circulate.

The first is an article by Thomas Liscomb in the New York Sun which can be found here. Liscomb, who has been following the Kerry military record for the past year, has found additional evidence that Kerry's discharge was anything but honorable.

Also, Powerline has an interesting post that shows how Kerry's interview with MSNBC was edited for NBC's Dateline to remove an admission by Kerry where he acknowledges that not all of his military records have been released. Check it out...


At November 1, 2004 10:13 AM, millersam said...


1 day before the election.
This can only mean that this "story" will fall apart within 48 hours.

For impact it should have been news 5 days ago.
Only reason to give this up is lack of faith in its ability to survive.


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