Monday, October 25, 2004

Terrorist, Unions, and Democrats. Together Forever.

I feel like I'm beating the same drum over and over. Actually, I think that the drum is being beaten by the donkey in the corner of the room; I'm just kind of pointing you in the direction of the noise.

First off ... today we learn that among the thousands and thousands of fradulent voters registered by democrats this election cycle here in Ohio alone, were two known Al Queda terrorists. Nuradin Abdi and Iyman Faris were both registered by a democratic operative Kevin Eugene Dooley. Full Story Also, John Fund claims that at least eight of the September 11 hijackers were registered to vote!

Hmm ... I wonder who they'd be voting for if they weren't burning in hell right now?

Today I spoke with two union representatives who wanted people to know about what their unions were doing. The first was a member of the local steel workers union, and he showed me his union card to prove it. He said that a buddy of his who he works with has a son who is also in the union. Union members stood over his son and made him fill out an absentee ballot request form, told him that he'd "better mail it in" and that he'd "better bring the ballot in and vote for Kerry, or you'll regret it..." Secondly a member of another union who works at a local plant here in the Dayton area told me that he was trying to distribute some Bush literature and absentee voter applications in the lot of his shop when a van with three or four other union members pulled up, roughed him up a bit, and tried to take his union card away and rip it up. Both men were too afraid to report the thugs to authorities or to get involved... they just thought someone should know. Now you know.

And the unions are there to protect their workers rights. <-- (It's hard to type that without rolling your eyes.)


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