Sunday, October 03, 2004


"I have had one, consistent, position ..."

I laughed so hard that I almost spilled my Texas-brewed Lonestar Beer all over the sofa. If you managed to listen to Kerry's latest flop without laughing out loud, you have more self control than most Buddhist monks.

While the President may not have looked as snazzy or sounded as snazzy as ScaryKerry last week during the first debate, and certainly the spinmeisters have been busy declaring Kerry the “winner”, Kerry’s performance was certainly nothing that should have gained him any respect from the American voters. Unfortunately his latest "reinvention" of himself is the first time that many undecided voters may have paid much attention. Kerry might have sounded nice to the average listener … but his arguments don’t hold up to any serious scrutiny or thought:

  • Kerry’s position on Korea was asinine… not to mention the duality of his claims that it was wrong for the President to “go it alone” on Iraq, but yet it is also wrong for the President not to go it alone with the Koreans.

  • As for Kerry’s “consistent position” on Iraq, head on over to Kerry on Iraq to see the truth, in Kerry’s own words.

  • Kerry might have told us that when he flopped on the 87 billion dollars, he simply “mis-spoke.” Odd … it would appear that not only did you mis-speak, Senator, but you managed to “mis-vote” also.

There are plenty more … just click the “debate facts” button to the right…

If the President looked irritated with Kerry … I imagine it’s because he was irritated with Kerry. Who wouldn’t be? In the end, I’m going to trust that the American voter can see through the slick Kerry persona to make the right decision on November 2.


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