Tuesday, October 05, 2004


Now, before someone gets their union-made panties in a bunch, let me clarify something: Not all union members and not all AFLCIO members are idiots ... the vast majority are hard working, normal people. I happen to be a union member and an elected union director, as a matter of fact, so I certainly don't have anything against unions in general.

Today an ugly hoard of idiots from the AFLCIO descended on the Victory Center. They were carrying signs that said “Bush: Get your hands off my overtime” and chanting some half-rhyme like, “hey, hey, ho, ho, Bush took my overtime-o.” Morons. One of the fools came into the Victory Center, threw a laundry basket on the ground, and began throwing bundles of little post cards in the basket. We politely asked the moron to leave, pushed him out the door, and shut it. Undeterred, the dullards outside continued blocking the entrance to our storefront, throwing bundles of post cards against the door and windows, and yelling insults at anyone who they thought was inside. Of course, channels 2 and 22 were more than happy to come along and act as accomplices to the rabid mob.

The nice retirees we had working the phone banks were scared to death.

The police showed up and did a fine job of getting the goons off the property.

Now, the reason I say that these particular union sheep are idiots is because they don't even know how to Check Their Facts and think for themselves. They'd rather be led down to drink from the stupid pond by their socialist thug leaders.

We went through this whole thing with my union back when the DOL announced the new standards and we realized then what the protesting morons today could have learned for themselves if they took the time to read a little: that the new overtime rules won't affect us and likely won't affect any but the slightest fraction of AFLCIO people. If they weren't too lazy to look up a few facts for themselves, the morons could simply go to the The DOL Website and get whatever information they wanted on the new standards...

These boobs are the ones who give us union members a bad name ... and are also the reason my dad just about disowned me when he found out I had been elected director. Please don't get the wrong impression about union members or blue collar workers when you see these loons on parade: they do not represent the values of most union members, only those of their corrupt socialist power structure.

(By the way, if you are reading this, you AFLCIO moron, you forgot your laundry basket... we're going to use it to carry Bush/Cheney fliers in when we walk door to door. I think we'll stick a sign on it that says, “Donated by the AFLCIO.”)


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