Saturday, September 04, 2004

Indulge Me...

Slightly off topic, but stick with me here for a second ... and remember that this isn't an "official" Bush/Cheney site.

340 dead in Russia this week. 155 of them children. An additional 336 school children hospitalized with serious injuries inflicted by islamic terrorists. They aren't done counting yet, either. The population of Beslan is just 30,000 people; the size of one of our suburbs here in Montgomery County. Imagine how quiet some streets in Beslan will be for years to come without those children.

One hostage reported, "When children began to faint, (the islamic terrorists) laughed." Pure evil.

The apologists will avoid stating the obvious or acknowldging that the big pink elephant in the corner is wearing a burka. They'll discuss Russia's problems in Chechnya in the past, implying that the Russian government is to blame. Just as they blame Isreal for Palastenian bomb-wearers and as they blame America for planes flown into our buildings. The fact can't be changed that it's not American, Russian, or Isreali soldiers who coldbloodedly murder school children, strap bombs to their bodies and wade into a crowded market, or hijack planes: It's islamofacist terrorists... every time.

I don't want a petal-power-war-protesting-mealy-mouthed-flip-flopper in the White House when these same people will come here and do this to our kids if we let them.

Fox News Story
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