Tuesday, September 28, 2004

In Command

I managed to make it to see the President in Springfield on Monday. Our seats were no more than 30 feet away from President Bush. ( Volunteer … it does have its privileges)

The President was on message, and his delivery was nearly flawless. He appeared natural and un-rehearsed, ad-libbed some funny comments on the fly, and came off as a sincere, personable, and likeable person. The most incredible thing to me was that he was naturally in complete command of the room and the stage. If the President is half as much on his game this Thursday as he was yesterday, Kerry will leave the stage either crying or with a wet spot on his pants.

The conventional wisdom we’ve been hearing this week is that the debates will be the one time Kerry gets to stand on a stage with the President of the United States as an equal; it’s Kerry’s three shots at appearing with the President as equals and at showing the American people that Kerry is up to the task of being President. (Who was it that said the conventional wisdom is generally neither?) My prediction is that the debates, particularly this first one, will be a disaster for Kerry. ScaryKerry isn’t a leader; he is by nature a committee man… a Senator. Kerry has no moral base, no platform to stand on… nothing. He’s ghoulish and unlikable. He talks like the kept man of privilege that he is. The last place his advisors should want him to be is on a stage next to a man like President Bush.

I almost feel sorry for Kerry…


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