Thursday, August 26, 2004

We're gonna win this one...

I can feel a win coming on.

I spent all day today volunteering at the Victory Center, passing out tickets for President Bush's visit to Troy on Saturday, and working alongside like minded people. It was a lot of fun, and more importantly, I got to see the number of people we have who are interested in volunteering and in helping with this campaign. Many people came through the door not even wanting a ticket for Saturday, just wanting to know what they could do to help the campaign. Most of them said they would do "anything" we needed: walking door to door, making phone calls, working in the Victory Center or downtown at GOP HQ... and they all talked about how important this election is. One lady who I'll remember a long time came in for her tickets and was so giddy about getting to see the President that she was almost in tears.

It's easy to get a bit discouraged when you read the DDN every day and watch the lies in the Kerry commercials or even on the evening news. Go volunteer to spend some time with right thinking people, working alongside each other for the cause, and you'll feel much better: I know I do.

We're gonna win this one.


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