Friday, August 06, 2004

The Lefties are Coming! and Swifboat Vets...

If it wasn't bad enough that ACT is sending felons to knock on our doors, now the Demoncrats are busing in out of towner's to harass us and try to register as many democRAT voters as they can. What is it with libs and busing? When I was a kid they wanted to bus me across town to some run down crappy school, and now they want to bus in a bunch of losers from out of state...

Apparently the JohnJohn team knows that there is no way they are going to win Indiana, so they've decided to stop throwing good money after bad there. (Remember, as I've said, there's no such thing as a dumb farmer.) The problem is, though, that apparently they have a few volunteers in Indianaland who now have nothing to do... so they're packing them on a bus and bringing them to Dayton this weekend.

That's right, there's a chance you could be interrupted from your weekend with your family by some imported leftist knocking on your door.

My solution is to make sure I'm not home, I'll be out with the good guys all day and working for Dubya. Hopefully you'll do the same.

Volunteer ... cause you know the lefties are.

Also, I heard on Boortz this morning that WDTN had caved to the threatening letter sent out by the Scary Kerry campaign, and that WDTN was going to refuse to air the Swiftboat Veterans for the Truth ad. If you aren't familiar with the ad or with the letter, google it or click the links above.

Anyway, I contacted Jason Heath at WDTN to inform him of my displeasure at having a news station filter what information gets to me, and he replied and assured me that WDTN will be running the Swiftboat ads. Either they changed their position, or Boortz had some bad info. Either way, good for WDTN and hopefully we'll all get to see the ads on TV soon.


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