Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Kerry's Intelligence

No, no, no ... you thought I was going to make fun of ScaryKerry's intelligence, didn't you? Actually, I'm more concerned with the way he treats the intelligence services of our nation.

It wasn't long after the September 11 Commission report came out that Kerry was trying to make some political hay out of it, with quips like this:

"If the president had a sense of urgency about this director of intelligence and about the needs to strengthen America, he would call the Congress back and get the job done now.... The time to act is now, not later,"

The more this campaign goes on, the more I think that the "people in glass houses" proverb was probably written specifically about Kerry. Flip on some of the Government Affairs and Intelligence Committee meeting today, which was convened to discuss the very recommendations Kerry was talking about in his quote above and you will notice a conspicuous absence. That's right... Kerry's not there.

  • Kerry missed 76% of the Senate Intelligence Committee's meetings!

  • Kerry missed every single vote in the committee in the year following September 11, 2001.

One question: If you missed 76% of the meetings you were supposed to be at last year in your job, would you be getting a promotion? But Kerry has the stones to ask the American people for a promotion after he takes our national security so lightly.

Now, just to be fair to all you people who were hoping I was going to make fun of Kerry's intelligence: Kerry's a dunce.

Feel better, now?

Also, a quick apology for the sparse postings the last week or so. Part of it is due to problems with the blogger system, part of it due to me being extra busy the last week or so, but mostly simply due to bloggers block... I'll try to keep up.

Meanwhile, get out there and volunteer! If you're on the list I know you've gotten the notices and invitations ... so get off your backside and do something already!


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