Friday, August 20, 2004

It's the issues, stupid

If one were to watch ScaryKerry speak the last few weeks, you would think that this election were being held in 1970. Kerry is more worried about the swiftboat vets exposing the truth about John Kerry: that he is a traitor, a coward, and a liar -- than he is about campaigning on the issues that we all need to face today. Now Kerry files an FEC complaint against the swiftboat vets to try to silence their freedom of speech.

As I've said before, there is ONE issue in this election: The war we are currently engaged in with islamofascisits. Who is most fit to wage that war? President Bush, with three years of steadfast, solid wartime leadership to run on? Or John Kerry, with a lifetime of turning on the military he himself served in, flip flopping on issues of national security, and trying to hide from his own abysmal record as a U.S. Senator?

The answer is clear to me. Soldiers like CB are fighting over there today so that my sons won't have to fight the islamofascist scum over here tomorrow.

When pressed, Kerry had to admit that President Bush did the right thing by liberating Iraq. Kerry can't campaign on the issues of this war because his record is so twisted in it's own flip flops ... he has to try to campaign on the issues from a war thirty years old. The funny thing is that when his record regarding that war is examined, it doesn't stand up, either.


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