Friday, July 23, 2004

Websites and Polls

First off, looking at my site logs the last few weeks, it looks like a large number of visitors to the site have found it by Googleing "Montgomery County Ohio GOP," "Ohio Montgomery County Republicans" or some similar string... so for those of you looking for it, here is the brand new, official Montgomery County GOP website. I'll add a link to the right, also.

Zogby shows President Bush trending up in Ohio, which is good news for us, but as we all know, polls this early don't mean a whole lot, and the President's lead in Ohio is hardly solid enough for us to rest on our haunches, especially with the felons from ACT roaming our streets looking for Demoncrats to register. (Insert here my usual plea for you all to get your bumper stickers on your car and President Bush Wear on your body.)

102 Days until we re-elect President Bush!


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