Monday, July 12, 2004

Too busy to make sure your kids are safe...

I know this isn't exactly "fresh" news ... but it needs repeated until every voter hears it:

Scary Kerry wants us to believe that he is the candidate who will bring us a more secure, safer homeland. Scary Kerry wants us to believe that President Bush is inept in matters of foreign policy and national security and that Scary Kerry is the man for the job.

As it turns out, Scary Kerry skipped a national security briefing because, as Scary said, "I just haven't had time." Haven't had time? Someone dial the senator up and let him know for me that we are in a WAR ! Of course, the left doesn't see it that way, and Kerry being one of the biggest liberals to roll down the campaign trail ever (Even a bigger liberal than Algore – shudder) I guess we shouldn't be too surprised that Kerry was more interested in hanging out at a concert that was "a giant vacuum for a bunch of B-list actors and comedians" as my friend Gnal put it this morning. Reading between the lines, what Kerry was really saying to us was that his fund raising, his campaign, and his ascension to power are more important than the safety of our families and children. He'd rather yuk it up with morons like Whoopie than see to it that we are safe at home.

A little compare and contrast is in order here:

A picture truly is worth a thousand words.


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