Saturday, July 10, 2004


I gotta admit ... sometimes I get a bit pessimistic. I see those Kerry bumper stickers and see otherwise intelligent people waving their Kerry banners and I start to wonder what's wrong with people.

Then, just now, I heard sixteen year old Brittany on the radio during a Hannity replay. Brittany was at the ScaryKerry rally this week in Dayton. She sounded bright, she sounded like she had it together, and listening to her gave me a boost of hope. She said she's a Montgomery County Bush/Cheney volunteer and was disgusted with the way the DDN claimed there were only 100 or so Bush supporters there when in fact there were easily over 200.

Kind of like when I watch the Protest Warrior videos. Watch them sometime when you have time (link on the right) and see if you notice what I do: The protest warriors for the most part appear to be college age young adults, while the rabid left protesters appear to be, for the most part, aging hippies. There is a reason the left is getting so nutty ... they feel themselves loosing their grip. They see it falling away.

If yer out there Brittany, hang in there and keep up the good fight.


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