Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Heinz-Kerry is a Terrorist Protestor Fund Raiser

Last week I commented on the left's activities and plans to disrupt the 2004 Republican National Convention with acts of terrorism. Let's not be afraid to call a spade a spade. If you read the links I posted about their plans you really can't come to any other conclusion but that the leftist protesters headed for NYC are terrorists, plain and simple.

Now the interesting part: According to a Canada Free Press article they published this week, those same terrorists have been funded to the tune of [Begin Dr. Evil Voiceover]four million dollars [End Voiceover] by none other than Theresa Heinz Kerry. According to the article, her money goes directly to the Tides Foundation, parent company of the anarchist Ruckus Society. The Ruckus Society slobs would be the ones you see in the Protest Warrior dot com videos wearing all black with ski masks on and just looking for a reason to break someone else's stuff or assault someone they don't agree with. Nice young men, huh? And I thought the Hildabeast was a scary first lady... imagine if Therezzzza ScaryKerry were first lady.

Which is why I've got to hop on the old soap box again. Time to get out and wear your Bush/Cheney T-shirts and other SWAG. If you don't have any yet (shame on you) you can order yours from The George W. Bush Store or, if you are looking for Montgomery County specific stuff, check out my store here.

Remember, President Bush mailed you a nice tax rebate check in 2001. The very least you could do is take $25.00 of that and buy yourself a nice bit of Bush/Cheney gear. In the process, you'll not only be helping to elect the leader of the free world, but you'll be adorning yourself in some mighty fine threads at the same time.


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