Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Frothing at the mouth...

You know we're winning when they get really, really, nuts. Obviously upset because the Gynamic Lego Hair Duo's bounce was about as bouncy as a dead, wet, kitten; the leftist wackos have gone all out nuts over the upcoming Republican Convention in NYC. On their sites and forums far and wide they are discussing the best ways to disrupt security in NYC during the convention. One recommendation was even that the rioters go to a shooting range just before heading to the riot so that the smell of burnt gunpowder would throw off the bomb dogs. Another recommendation was for some of the masses of crazed leftists to plant small amounts of ammonium nitrate on subway trains or in secured areas ... again to try to thwart bomb detection efforts and tie up law enforcement as much as possible ... hoping to leave an opening for some wack'd islamist to waltz in the place and kill hundreds of people, I'm sure. Read more here.

Also, if you are brave enough to click right in to Satan's Bosom, you can follow this thread at riseup.net, a bunch of ultra nutbags. Especially fun is noting the level of education the riseup crowd apparently has ... my twelve year old can write better. Sounds like a good place for some good ole' fashioned police butt kicking. Watch out, leftists, or we'll send a couple dozen Cincinnati cops to the convention to handle your butts.


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