Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Edwards ... tag, yer it.

Well, Hillary must be on suicide watch and It looks like John Edwards is the man. Obviously a choice made in order to pretty up The Botx Bore's campaign, rather than for Edwards' foreign policy experience.

Edwards was a safe choice for Kerry to make. Kerry has a long senate flip flop voting record, while the inexperienced Edwards has little in the way of a record for us to poke fun at (We promise to do our best; however.)

The important thing to keep in mind during the next month or so is that Kerry should see a bump in the polls after the announcement of his VP, and a correlating bump after the Demoncratic Convention. Not to worry, we will gain that all back and then some.

This is the time to get out and show your colors! Bumper stickers, campaign events, rallys ... I know I sound like a broken record, but this stuff is important! Do Something!


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