Sunday, July 25, 2004

The Democratic National Quagmire

Well ... the demoncrat's Convention is upon us. Brace yourselves for a week of stomach turning, nauseating, fact bending, derisive speechmaking. I'm tempted to swear off watching any of it at all; however, I imagine I'll tune in a little for purely comedic value ... or out of sheer morbid curiosity (Kinda like a car crash, you've just gotta stop and stare for a second, no matter how much you don't want to.)

Meanwhile, our friends, the good guys at the RNC, have put up this nifty site, The Dems Extreme Makeover in order to counter the wild claims sure to be made by the leftists during their orgy of Clinton/Kerry worship this week. As the week unfolds, be sure to check out the link above to help you make sense out of whatever facts the dems try to bend.

I'm sure we'll see ScaryKerry moving even more to the center, trying to horn in on issues like tax relief and strong defense. The truth is, though, that we know from his record that he can talk as center as he wants, but he always votes waaaaay left. If there's anything that tells us we are winning the battle in the arena of ideas, it's that a demoncratic presidential candidate is even trying at all to claim he is strong on defense and wants tax cuts for the middle class. Amazing...


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