Wednesday, July 28, 2004


A couple of weeks ago I posted this photo showing a little comparison and contrast between The President and ScaryKerry... I liked that so well, that I think I may make it a regular feature -- particularly on days when I have little else to say... and today, having little to add to what others are saying about the demoncrats convention, and not having the heart to tear in to that feeble, failed, President Carter, I think this is a good day for another side-by-side.

So, once again, here we are with another picture worth a thousand words:

Which one looks like First Lady of the United States of America?

On second thought, I do have something to add... Today I was over at WPAFB for a class, and had a break of about forty five minutes before I could get in to the lab, so I ran over to the Air Force Museum to let my brain rest for a minute. I've been there tons of times, and didn't have long so I just checked the exhibits right near the front and walked through the memorial park for about fifteen minutes. There is a Bob Hope exhibit there that is pretty interesting. It made me think about the obvious differences between Bob Hope and the entertainers of today. Bob Hope entertained over 10,000,000 troops from WWII on to Desert Storm. Now, honestly I have no idea what Mr. Hope's politics were at the time. I have no idea if he was anti-war, pro-war, communist, whatever... and that's the beauty of it. Bob Hope entertained us ... and he stuck with what he could do well. Bob Hope had class. Whoopie and her gang of hollywood socialists and America haters might be good entertainers, but they are morons when it comes to public policy or politics. They should all take a lesson from Mr. Hope and stick to what they know rather than screaming what they don't know at the tops of their lungs.


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