Thursday, July 22, 2004

Commies For Kerry!

Remember all those foreign leaders that ScaryKerry claimed preferred him to be president over President Bush? Remember how we never really were able to learn from Kerry who those supporters were? At least one, according to the AP, is Tomas Borge. Borge is the America-hating leader formerly of the Communist Sandinistas FSLN from Nicaragua. Borge is friends with Castro and committed to communism. Borge's FSLN employed low-level guerrilla warfare and urban terrorism tactics to overthrow the Somoza dictatorship in Nicaragua.

Kerry's Friends?
An aging commie terrorist and a man who steals national security documents by shoving them in his underwear.

[Updated @ 11:00] On the same note: I also just ran across this tidbit indicating that, The Communist Party USA has endorsed Kerry. Reading down a little further, I understand completely now why I see all those Kucinich signs in Yellow Springs.


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