Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Bumper Stickers ... and a repeat

I think I'm due for two posts today, this one is housekeeping, the next will be some sort of commentary with my usual (dim)witty observations.

As promised, I have some bumper stickers ready to send out to anyone who wants one. There are, of course, just a couple caveats;

  • Bumper Stickers will first go to the people who have signed up to have their name and email address added to the Montgomery County Ohio for Bush email list. Once I'm sure that all the Montgomery County people who are on my list have gotten a sticker if they want one, then I'll be happy to mail stickers out to others. (Get on the list and hop right to the front of the line!)
  • If I'm going to send you a bumper sticker, you have to pinky promise that you will stick it on your car, truck, van, dirigible ... whatever. You aren't doing doo for the cause by sticking a bumper sticker on the inside of your cubicle at work where no one can see it. Most of the stickers I have I bought with my own personal fortune, the others were given to me by the nice people down at Montgomery County GOP HQ yesterday. I'm serious about this one ... I even told one of my best friends to get bent this morning when he said he wanted a bumper sticker but wouldn't stick it on his precious car. (Put it on the window, it'll peel right off on November 3rd if you want.)

Finally, if you aren't signed up as a Bush/Cheney Volunteer yet, now is the time. There are a couple of ways to accomplish this. First, punch your info in to the form below and I will pass it on to the local campaign chairs. Also, you can sign up to volunteer at www.georgewbush.com; however, I've learned that your information will not get passed down to the local GOP office from the national office because they are so concerned about your privacy that they don't want to pass on anything you don't want them to. Finally, you can run down to the Montgomery County GOP office and say, "Put me in, coach." I just created this form to save you a little gas and make it easier for ya. (Plus there's that bumper sticker incentive...)

Click here to go to the email form page!


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