Thursday, June 24, 2004

American Felons Coming Together; and Kerry's Ethics

If you keep up with my little corner of the world here, you undoubtedly have read my comments about the ACT sluggards who keep patrolling my neighborhood looking for Democrats to register. I knew there was something extra shady about those annoying dullards: some of them here in Ohio are paroled felons! They don't have a right to vote, but they will harass us at dinnertime to try to get us to vote their welfare-state candidates in to office! Complete article at Yahoo! News

Also an interesting story, but one I've not seen in the news: apparently Kerry is up on ethics charges in the Senate because he has missed so much time there where he is supposed to be serving his constituents. He and the Senate secretary, Emily Reynolds, apparently refused to have payroll deductions made from his Senate paycheck as required by law. Story at: Talon News

Finally, I hate to even mention it, but I saw that escaped mental patient Algore on TV today giving his speech. They played a clip of Algore calling President Bush a "blatant liar" for trying to imply links between Al Queda and Iraq. The very next news story? "Al Queda linked terrorists claim responsibility for todays bombings in Iraq." Algore is unraveling like Dean, but is on a slow burn rather than the violent implosion we saw with Dean.


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