Friday, May 21, 2004

These are the people who support Kerry:

A couple random musings based on my day today...

I heard an interesting story on the news this morning. Apparently some alliance of owners of "adult entertainment establishments" in the Dayton area has been formed to try to defeat President Bush and elect democrats to state, local, and federal office. If you've been paying attention to the local news the last year or so, you'll undoubtedly remember the numerous stories of prostitution arrests, drug arrests, and the discovery of sixteen year old "dancers" at several of these establishments in Dayton. I sometimes wonder exactly who these Kerry supporters are... now I know. Some of them, at least, make their money exploiting sixteen to eighteen year old girls for the pleasure of dirty old men while also selling a little coke on the side.

Secondly, my doorbell rang an hour or so ago. I looked out and saw a man in a t-shirt with some sort of American Flag logo on it. I opened the door and stepped outside and immediately noted that the logo was an A.C.T. logo. Let the games begin. The man asks for me by name and, as he looks at the PDA on his clipboard, tells me that he has me down as a registered voter. "Registered Republican," I say. Already flustered, he juts a folded up piece of paper at me and says he's conducting a non-partisan survey for A.C.T. and would I mind answering. "Give it your best shot." He asks which two issues are most important to me: unemployment, the economy, healthcare, social security, education, or outsourcing. "Uhh ... what other choices do I have?" He says he will also ask me if I'm for or against the war in Iraq. "For. Can you give me the choices for the issues again, please?" Same tired old list, as he refuses to make any semblance of eye contact and taps away on his PDA. "What about national security, terrorism or high taxes?" They aren't on his list, he says, as he motions to his PDA. "Can you write in 'Terrorism' and 'National Security' for me?" No, he can't do that, would I like to hear my choices again. "I don't particularly think any of those things are the business of the government." He asks if I'm concerned about unemployment. "Not really, I've got a job, and the only person I know of working age who doesn't have a full time job doesn't want one right now." He tells me he's unemployed. "You look tired. How long have you been at this today?" All day, he says. "Try job hunting." At that, I closed the door and went inside.

Oh, and by the way. His "non-partisan handout? It blames President Bush and Governor Taft for a bad economy. Do these people watch the news, or do they just attend protests and knock on doors? President Bush's tax cuts have fixed the Clinton Economy.

Kerry Supporters: Is this the best you have to offer? Perverts and Sluggards?


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