Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Symbolism Over Substance

I had a principal in high school who taught me the meaning of the phrase, "symbolism over substance." Symbolism over substance is going to church on Sunday, chanting the appropriate responses like a robot, then racing to break as many commandments as you can before the next Sunday rolls around. It's walking around the office with a file folder in your hand telling anyone who will listen how busy you are -- without actually accomplishing any work. It's a program to help the poor that is more concerned with making the program organizers feel "fulfilled" and look "compassionate" than it is with actually doing anything that really helps the poor.

It is John Kerry and the Democratic Party as a whole.

Jennifer Graham expresses this perfectly in her May 24 Column.

  • President Bush has proved himself a man of action, John Kerry has shown himself to be a man of talking in circles.

  • President Bush has done everything a president can to fix a ruined Clinton economy, while democrats try to talk the economy down and try to make us nervous.

  • President Bush has gone after the terrorists where they live, rather than waiting for them to come here, where we live. John Kerry and his DNC friends would rather appease our enemies than do what is necessary to protect our children.

  • Democrats talk “diversity” and “equality” while parading their tokens to those concepts around as “proof.” President Bush actually puts those concepts into action and appoints the best people into the right positions: black, white, hispanic, asian ... whatever. He doesn't have to talk about equality, he lives it.

  • John Kerry works to avoid the impression that he is a kept man, living off a combination of the public purse and his wife's purse. President Bush doesn't talk to us about working, he actually works: In the White House or on his ranch, he gets the job done.

I give you your choice: A man of substance or a man of symbolism.


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