Sunday, May 16, 2004

Long day ...

This will be short, 'cause I spent all day over at the Hamvention and I'm about shagged out. I sat selling off some of my old computers to get my wife out of my hair (Well, off my scalp, but that's another story) and I realized one thing as I spoke to people... these people appeared to be, for the most part, Bush supporters. My bumper stickers and GOP shirt managed to strike up more than one conversation, and all of them were positive. Not a single Bush hater or Kerry supporter made his presence known to me, although I'm sure there must have been at least one or two there out of the crowd of 10,000 or so. Most were very enthusiastic about Bush, and more importantly, they knew the truth about the War in Iraq and the state of things in general:

  • Iraq is part of the War on Terror

  • Al Queda and Iraq were and are connected

  • President Bush is successfully fixing the ruined Clinton economy

  • Terrorists and their supporters deserve to die.

  • And most importantly, to me at least, Those soldiers are fighting over there today, so that my sons won't have to fight here tomorrow.

Keep in mind, these are HAM Radio operators. Smart People. Working People. Educated people. So smart for the most part that they've picked a hobby that requires more brain power in their "free time" than most of us use at work. They work for telephone companies, Internet companies, power companies, cell phone companies, satellite communications companies, they design cars and rocket engines, and all sorts of neat things ... they are the people that make the country "go" so to speak. They aren't academic elites, media types, or professional protesters. they are smart, they are hard working, and they overwhelmingly support Bush.

New website idea for me to think about ... "Smart People for Bush."


At May 16, 2004 5:40 PM, Gnal said...

All of the Kerry supporters were the ones looking for the "Honeybaked" booth...

At May 18, 2004 3:08 PM, Matt Hurley said...

Or the flip-flop booth...


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